17 weeks 5 days

17 weeks 5 days

I’ve enabled comments on the blog, so you can post your own little message if you’d like. (Of course, I reserve the right to delete anything that doesn’t gush over how cute Georgie is.)

My youngest sister got married last weekend, and we drove down for the wedding. It was really nice to see so many people that I haven’t seen in over 10 years… show off my husband and the baby. The wedding was beautiful, and Georgie did very well.

My mom probably never imagined that she would see three of her children married. I look at this picture of her sitting with Uncle Bob (who is holding me), and I think about that 21-year-old woman: cool shag haircut, groovy bell-bottom pants, new to motherhood, each day a challenge to her patience and the boundaries of love. She had yet to discover a wonderful new husband, and three more children, whom she would love differently, completely.

I thought of this the other day as I was putting the baby down for the night. I whispered to George, “I never thought I could ever love anyone more than I love you.” He smiled and said, “You don’t love him more than you love me — you just love him differently.” He’s right. I would lay down my life for this child, and George knows it — he’d do the same. (I’m glad he wasn’t offended.)

I saw a two-week-old baby at the store today, and was slightly surprised to find that other babies have been born since Georgie. It struck me that I’m caught up in my own little world. My mission in life is to feed, clothe, love and kiss this little boy as much as possible. I sometimes wonder for a split second if I will be able to love another child as much as I love this little one… and I know the answer is yes, there will be room in my heart for other babies. When I kiss his head after his bath, his hair slightly damp with the smell of soap and baby-ness, I close my eyes and say a prayer of thanks… I finally understand true love.

And it is a beautiful thing.

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