12 weeks 3 days

12 weeks 3 days

I am the worst mother in the world…

I cut Georgie’s finger this morning when I was trimming his fingernails. I don’t know who cried harder — him or me! That surprised cry of pain just tore my heart in two. I think he’s forgiven me — he didn’t chomp on me while I was feeding him afterwards — but I still feel so bad. Poor little guy. His thumb has this little patch of skin missing right under the nail.

I felt terrible this morning when I woke up — the room was spinning like I was drunk, and I barely made it to the bathroom in time. Nasty stomach bile. I had some Green Machine juice and George gave me some ham, and the protein helped a lot. I still feel off-kilter. Hoping it isn’t something that’s been going around.

George told me he is going to buy me a digital camera so I stop taking pictures of “nothing.” I think he just wants to save on film developing costs. He was going to buy me jewelery for George’s birth — diamonds, no less! — but I am such a geek, I asked to buy a digital camera instead. Trust me, I’d love a pair of princess cut 1/2 carat diamond earrings… but I’m a practical girl. What can I say?

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