10 weeks 4 days

10 weeks 4 days

Georgie’s 2 month pediatrician appointment at 9 weeks had him weighing in at a whopping 12 pounds! He’s probably about 13 lbs now – he’s more than doubled his birth weight! I can’t believe it. He’s already grown out of all of the infant cloth diapers that I bought for him, and he fits well in the 12-20 lb cloth diapers.

He was supposed to have four shots – DtaP, HepB, Polio, and MMR but after doing some research, George & I have decided to delay some of his vaccinations. The MMR/autism link, thimerisol and mercury concerns, and the fact that aborted fetal tissue is used in some vaccines are all of great concern to us. I know that reactions are “usually” less difficult to deal with than the disease itself, but being the informed pain-in-the-neck parents that we are, we’re waiting to selectively vaccinate. Since day care won’t be an issue, the risk is greatly reduced.

After his visit, we drove down to visit with Grandma and his Aunties. Grandma couldn’t believe how big he is. Fortunately, he was in relatively good spirits and didn’t cry too much.

I’ve started to try and get into a nighttime routine with him. Not a schedule, per se, since time means absolutely nothing to this little guy. He always seems sleepy after he has a bath, so I figured I’d give him a bath around 7PM, a little baby massage, then nurse him. The past two nights he’s actually gone down by 8 or 8:30, up at 11:30 for a nightcap nurse, then down until 4 or 5AM. This morning he woke me up at 6:30, and I changed his diaper and Papa got some baby time in before heading to work. That was a solid block of sleep for Mama!

He’s been mimicking my mouth movements for about a week or so; if I stick my tongue out, he does the same. The first time he did it, I cried. It was a reminder of how amazing and impressionable this little guy is, and that we are charged with teaching him so much… not to mention the importance of setting a good example for him.

I uploaded some more pictures to his photo album… we’re trying to decide who he looks like. Sometimes I swear it’s like looking into a mirror; other times I see a lot of George in this little guy. Regardless of who he looks like, he’s his own person, this little being that we’re shaping and teaching and playing with. I pray every day that God directs our steps and helps us to mold him into a good, strong man. Like his Papa.

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