32 weeks 4 days

I’m 8 lunar months now… less than 8 weeks until I’m due, which means less than 5 weeks until Christmas.

My shower was on Saturday! And we had a very nice time. It was at the Middleburg Heights Community Recreation Center (which my father-in-law calls “The Taj Mahal”). My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law outdid themselves… the food was excellent (fruit, spinach salad with bacon, roast beef croissant sandwiches, chicken salad croissant sandwiches, minestrone soup, potato salad, and a marble cake with white frosting) and and the decorations were really cute — very Curious George with the bright primary colors. One of my brothers-in-law helped out by shooting some video, which I hope to render and edit over the next week or so. George was there to offer moral support, help open gifts — and eat, of course. He did all three with gusto. (In fact, I think he is going to enjoy some of the toys & books more than Bubs will).

We were very blessed to receive the stroller, car seat, pack & play and bedding that we registered for, along with some basic necessites (a toilet seat trainer and digital thermometer) and some really great toys and books. One of my sisters-in-law sewed a beautiful, thick baby bath towel in red, white and blue (one of the cousins said that she still has the one Kay made for her son, and that was 25 years ago). There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like this available to buy anywhere, it’s so well-made. Another sister-in-law found a great caterpillar ring toy, hand-stitched with tough, vegetable-dyed material. (George had a great time playing with it). It may sound silly, but I really liked when people shared things that they loved having for their kids… for example, our friends included baby washcloths and a bottle of Baby Magic baby wash because the husband always loved the way their kids smelled after their baths. Two of George’s cousins got us a Cat In The Hat rolling backpack stuffed with kid’s books and CDs. I have enjoyed buying a used book here or there for Bubs, but now we have a true collection started! George was just as excited by the books as I was. Another friend, who is a Longaberger consultant, gave us a cute basket that will be perfect for Q-tips and cotton balls and diaper creme.

I am so thankful for the time, effort and energy that everyone put into the shower… I was not expecting to have one at all, and to have so many people show up to celebrate with us was wonderful. I still feel a teensy bit guilty for taking up everyone’s time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon… but, as one of my friends said, “Work on being gracious!” And I have.

Fortunately I got a head-start on my holiday cards and only have about 10 left to do… so I can concentrate on getting the shower thank-yous out this weekend.

The only negative in the whole week was that my registry on Target.com made my life miserable. They lost my registry and after spending hours on the phone with them over 3 days, it finally came up on Friday morning. Too little, too late. I’ve written a letter of complaint to Target, we’ll see what happens.

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