24 weeks 4 days

Believe it or not, I finally decided on a car seat. After kicking it around with George, we’ve decided to get an infant seat with detachable base, and buy an extra base for his car. That way we can get the infant seat in and out of the cars without waking the kid. We’ll have to upgrade to either a convertible or toddler seat when the baby gets bigger, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I’ve been reading primers on cloth diapering. When I was a kid, all that was available were the Gerber rectangular prefold cloth diapers, which required pins and plastic pants. I remember changing my siblings’ diapers and sticking my finger with the diaper pins. Nowadays there are cloth diaper covers and all-in-one diapers with snaps or Velcro — no pins needed! They’re certainly more expensive, but since they’re reusable, they’re worth it.

I saw an estimate of how many diapers I can anticipate changing: 10-12 per day for a newborn/infant, and 8-10 per day for a toddler. If I plan to do laundry every 2-3 days, then I’ll need to have 30-35 diapers on-hand. Sheesh! That’s a serious investment! Yet, if you figure it out over the long run, even with the cost of electricity, gas and hot water (for washing the diapers) it’s still cheaper than using disposables.

Oh, and now George tells me that he isn’t so sure that we should make the nursery the first-floor bedroom. Sure, it isn’t going to matter for the first few months, since Bubs will most likely be sleeping in the Pack & Play in our room (kind of a semi-co-sleeping plan, I guess). But I really do want to at least have the room done by the time the kid shows up. I don’t even care if we have furniture… all I care about having on-hand are some diapers, a few sleepers and somewhere for the kid to sleep. I just know I’m going to be too tired to work on anything project-oriented and really think we need to carpe diem (or, “carpe carpet” as I’ve been saying recently) and get this house stuff done. George has quit taking so many extra jobs, which will hopefully give him more time to work on the house. I’m going to do as much as I can, before I get to be as big as a house.

We’ve decided on the bug theme, but we’re leaning towards a light green or yellow on the walls and accessorizing with bug-themed stuff. Providing, of course, that we have walls by the time the kid arrives.

Stay in there, Baby… even though the tax deduction would be nice, I’m hoping s/he stays put until at least mid-January. We need all the time we can get.

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