24 weeks

I am six months pregnant today. I simply can’t believe it.

16 weeks to go. I’ll be full-term (37 weeks) on Christmas Day and can deliver any time after that. My mother always seemed to deliver about 2-3 weeks early, but I don’t know if her dates of were accurate.

Although we’ve picked out some clothes, a few cloth diapers and some receiving blankets (a little over $100 worth), I haven’t bought anything that I really need. (I did find a bunch of cute sleepers and onesies from the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and only spent about $15. Good deal.)

At George’s request, I’ve started a registry at Babies R Us in order to keep track of the products I’ve decided on. He said he thinks it’s a good idea to be able to tell people that we’re registered if they ask. I guess I can’t argue with that, since it isn’t as if I’m actively soliciting gifts (I HATE that feeling, and it’s why I never registered when we got married. It feels so “grabby.”)

I really need to make a decision on a car seat, but have only done a cursory search and need to compare the models. That, and the crib are my big worrisome items.

This is to say nothing about the room that will be the nursery. We still haven’t moved upstairs completely, and some furniture is still in the downstairs bedroom. We have to finish drywalling, then paint and lay the flooring (carpeting? wood floor? We can’t decide). I read an article on babyproofing your house, and laughed out loud — they’re chiding parents-to-be for not covering up the outlets in the nursery; we have exposed wiring and studs along one wall. As one of the guys I work with said, “Why don’t you just give the kid a plastic bag to play with?”

At the very least, we know that we want to do a bug theme. I’ve been tossing around the idea of using a projector to superimpose bugs onto the walls, then trace and paint them, or just do a nice, gender-neutral color and put up some bug prints and accessories. (The more I think of how extremely limited I am in the artistic talent department, the more I think we’ll go with Curtain Number 2).

Hmmm… maybe I’ll start looking for bug stuff. And spackle.

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