16 Weeks 6 Days

The basic prenatal workup has revealed that everything is A-OK, no protein in my urine, no diseases or problems to be concerned with. The only potential issue is that I’m RH negative, which only affects about 15% of the American population. George needs to have a blood test to determine if he’s RH- as well; if he’s RH+ and the baby is born RH+, then I need to have a RhoGam shot within 72 hours of the birth. If he’s RH-, then we’ll never have RH+ babies so nothing to worry about. Thank God this pregnancy has been so easy so far.

I can’t believe how much I’m feeling Bubs move. I’ve heard they tend to be quiet during the day and get active at night, but I’m feeling him/her moving a lot more than I expected. I admit I’m feeling more pregnant now that I’ve experienced “the quickening.” If I lay down on the bed, and I feel him/her start moving around, I poke my belly to see if s/he pokes back… which drives George crazy! He thinks I’m going to hurt the baby, poke it in its eye or something.

We’ve been trying to get out of the habit of calling the baby “him” since there’s a 50/50 chance “he” is a “she.” I haven’t for a minute thought it’s a she, but that could be wishful thinking. You know, that whole “having the boy first” Neandertal mentality that I haven’t quite worked through yet. A secret part of me would love a little girl with curly red hair and blue eyes and fair skin like her father; the other part wants the blue-eyed, dark-blonde boy. I don’t really want to find out the gender, but George is on the fence. We have a few weeks to decide if we want to find out at the 19/20-week ultrasound. Either way, we’ll probably keep it a secret.

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