George’s Summer String Camp

To say that George is musical is to say that the sun is slightly warm. From morning to night, he is  humming, singing, drumming, and making noise at every opportunity. He hears a song on the radio and attempts to play it by ear on his piano or cello. In fact, he learned the intro of the Game of Thrones theme for cello after his cousin shared the Break of Reality cover version on YouTube.

After taking piano lessons for several years, he asked to switch instruments. This year he joined his elementary school orchestra and has been playing cello.


George performing at his elementary Christmas concert, Dec 2014

George has an opportunity to participate in String Camp at Baldwin Wallace University this summer, June 13-18.

George’s orchestra teacher has recommended him for this camp:

 “I cannot tell you how immensely talented [George] is on cello. He learns and memorizes music so fast, it is truly remarkable. On top of that he has great technique (how he holds his bow, puts his fingers down). He should be in private lessons on cello, but I know that can be expensive.”

Fortunately we are able to borrow an instrument from the school, and we may be able to qualify for a $100 scholarship from the Fairview Music Association. However, the cost of camp is $450. We’re reaching out to friends and family in hopes that you would consider donating to help defray the cost of this camp and contributing to this great opportunity for George.

If you are able to contribute, please click here. Even if you can’t, please consider sharing on social media. Any money raised over the camp cost will be donated to the Fairview Music Association to contribute toward future scholarship efforts.

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