Not Awesome vs. Awesome

Not Awesome:
My Granny H had a degenerative eye condition known as retinitis pigmentosa. It just so happens to be genetic. So, every two years, I make sure that I get an eye exam to check to see how my retinas are doing. Today was that day, and it is not awesome, I assure you. Retinas look good, which is awesome.

Oh, and when they tell you the glaucoma test is ‘a little puff of air,’ don’t believe them. Imagine someone aiming an airbrush directly at your eye for about 1.5 seconds. That’s the glaucoma test. Not awesome.

Four- and two-and-a-half-year-old boys tend to be picky eaters, with preferences often depending on their moods and the day of the week. Ours are no exception. Ethan likes mashed potatoes but only a little meatloaf; George prefers meatloaf and freaks with even a tiny bit of mashed potato. Yet he’ll eat roasted potato slices without complaint.

Tonight the boys ate grilled chicken, roasted asparagus, red peppers and onions on pita with roasted garlic hummus. And they asked for seconds. They fought over a roasted red pepper.

We try to expose them to lots of different foods, and have always required that they eat a substantial amount of vegetables. Like most kids they don’t like certain things, but these two beg for salad. To the point that I’ve started giving them their salads after they eat their dinners.

I am happy.

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